i miss u kiko ='(

by - January 20, 2009

in memory of Kiko..
my beloved cat.
this cat have been missing in action since 3 weeks ago.
dunno where have my little cat gone..

so,basically this post is about my
this is where the very first time my dad found Kiko n then took it home
(yes,kucing ni mmg dikutip berhampiran longgokan sampah)

awwh,just compare the size of Kiko with my form 3 maths texbook! this was 2 years ago...

looking outside..

Kiko seems to grow larger n FATTER..

getting FATTER..

camera shy???

looks like a large n round hairy ball is sleeping on the ground..my adik n kiko..

believe it or not, this is how he used to sleep..everyday!

miss u Kiko :(

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