i'm back! =D

by - February 22, 2009


i'm aliveee!!
*new spirit*


ok, intervensi 1 pun dah nak habis
tp intervensi 2 akan dtg tak lama lg dlm bln April!

addmath! have to strive harder!
*farah,ingat janji kita x??*

ok2,exam tu lain kali sambung cerita la. xP

for the time being, i'm quite busy.

busy helping farah with our SAPPHIRE kawad kaki team!!
love them so much!!

ok the cool part is, me,Farah, Aslam n Sattis are all SAPPHIRE!
almost all of the cuttleries are in blue...

so watch out k NADZ(amethyst), AMY(emerald), n AZMIL(emerald)!! hahaha =P

back to the kawad kaki story.
this time,all the kawad members are my juniors!
and i love them damn much...
we all had pretty much fun during our practices, n we never torture them as other teams did.
we'll see who's gonna get the trophy...*eyebrows raised*

haha cant wait for it.
i hope this year will be the best year ever!



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