colourful sparkles

by - March 22, 2009

nadz,sattis n ekram: hot n cold dance!
*haiyya,team lain sibuk dgn robot,korang sibuk dancing pulak..*

yeahh sulalatul galvanize in white! credits to Screen Air Design for sponsoring us the embroidery on those wonderful white uniforms...

memory at the booth...=D

current mood : missing this robotic competition very damn much!

December 2008..

Universiti Islam Antarabangsa.
staying on the beds of British-Malaysian Institute,

for 6 days.

only us; the SMKSBS' IRO participants.
sharing our laughs,tears and fears.
not to forget,angers too.
all together.TOGETHER.

"we are not racist n we are not sexist too."
Sattis Warma,Disember 08.

this competition taught me a lot.
i mean , A LOT.

and i am extremely missing those times we were together,

- WiFi-ing at Starbucks (was the only place with high speed wifi)
- lepak-ing at Mamak.
- last minute shooping at Jusco for the Gala Night dress (the night which turned out to be a disastrous one)
- staying at the school's bengkel and robotic room till late night just to finish up our robots.
- surviving the night to Central Market together,searching for shirt sponsors.

and a lotttttttt more, lack of space to describe it all here.(di blog ku yg tak seberapa ni)

Scene 1.

UIA>at the booth area.

Ekram: *saw a cute japanese girl passing by*
Japanese girl: *smile*
Ekran: haiii...awak ni busuk lah...*in a very kind-hearted,gentleman-and lips-smiling-wide kind of face...*
Japanese Girl: *smiling so wide n happy,as if just received a compliment*


Scene 2.

we met this Indonesian guy,Jonathan.he is now so close with Magnus.till we called him;Magnus' new 'girlfriend'.ops, sorry Magnus!=P

Jonathan: *showed us a written story on his laptop,that story was so sad n romantic*

fyi,we were all in a room,where the lights were purposedly turned off,n its about 9 at night.

Mikhail: ni benda yang mcm ni mesti ada something kat hujung dia ni. aku cakap2 awal2 ni. and aku pun tutup telinga n mata aku awal2..*was trying to tell that there might be something scary at the end of the story*

nadz:*berkata dlm hati..apa apa kuar nyorok blakang alam lah...*

All of us: reading the story carefully...

it was so quiet.suddenly................

there's an ugly looking ghostly like face along with a screaming sound popped out on the laptop's screen!!!


alam: argh.............*menyorok belakang nadz*
jaji: argh..........*duduk atas riba nadz*
nadz:  duh......=_="

Mikhail: *menjerit x tentu hala* kan aku dah ckp, mst ada sumting ni!! tu lah korang tak percaya tadi...

Sattis: *omg!!omg!!! i was shocked!!*

that,was another =.='''''' moment...

missed it sooo much=)

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  1. more scene ko lupe nak letak...

    nadz:*berkata dlm hati..papa kuar nyorok blakang alam lah...*


    pop...ghost pic pop out from the screen...

    alam:argh.............*nyorok blakang nadz*
    jaji:argh..........*dok atas riba nadz*
    nadz: duh......=_="