....happily ever after....

by - March 07, 2009

i've been crazy in watching dancing scenes in


and it made me smile.=)

This video clip is from the movie A Cinderella Story.
Hillary Duff as the Cinderella while Chad Michael is the Prince Charming.

*unable to download the video*

but please, go to this link!

Cinderella again,entitled Another Cinderella Story. Personally i like this movie more than A Cinderella Story.
Cinderella(Mary) is Selena Gomez and the Prince Charming(Joey) is Drew Seeley.

*also,unable to download the video...*

Finally this is Enchanted. Princess Giselle is Amy Adams,who came from a fairy tale world and her true love is Robert(Patrick Dempsey), a normal guy from the normal world...

n they live happily ever after...=)

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