imbau kembali

by - April 22, 2009


.i love to be on stage.
*ceh,sounds so vain...*

actually, i used to perform on the stage.
ala tapip school stage je.
for school events, or outside competitions.
there were acting,dancing,n talking but no solo singing.haha.
but this year, is my retirement year.

nothing is allowed!
because of SPM.
i am not blaming it, just need to focus more 

ok2 less talking.
lets view more.

these photos were taken in 2006.
event : Persaraan Puan Khadisah Bt Awang.
venue: school.
ha, masa ni sekolah tak ada pentas lg tau...
so perfomances were all on the side of Laman Ilmu..

The members of the drama sketch team..
From Left,standing; Syed, Adil Usman, Thera, Mazya, Jaji, Izza, Fatin, Farah Ain, Melissa. Sitting; Kak Marie, Wan Rezal, Ayie, Dzaed, Megat, Marzuqi, Rahman.

Ya Allah, serius rindu gila korang semua!

Izza as the pregnant Puan Khadish's mom.
izza mmg layak bawa watak mak2 org ni.mmg menjadi!

Bollywood dance.lagu ape tah masa tu..lupa yg pasti dari filem Kabhi Kushi Kabhi Gham.=)

The boys part of dance. owh ya, Adil jd watak utama so pakai baju putih.

percaya x Adil masa ni dia form 1??haha

ok thats it for 2006.

these were in 2007.
event: sketch competition for karnival kerjaya.
venue: cant remember, but 2 were in KL n the other one was in Terengganu.
this is the first time SMKSBS joined this competition, n we won till the Nationals!

the performance.

the slide.

the winning day.

the trophy.piala pusingan je
sekarang trophy ni masih ada dalam bilik kaunseling, atas almari.
n the ribbon is pink coz we got back it last year.haha

2007;one of the best year in my life!

event:karnival kaunseling kerjaya
venue: Kl n negeri sembilan...

the performance.

the winning day.

the trophy.

well today the new batch of this sketch team went for competition..
n still dont know about the result...
well i wish them all the best!

kekalkan kejayaan SMKSBS!!

n these are the one i joined but no photos are available.

  • boria for Majlis Anugerah Kecemerlangan
  • sajak patriotik
  • choir for Bulan Patriotisme

  • tarian zapin from Kelab Bahtera Budaya
  • English drama competition - crew only
  • master of ceremony (MC for majlis penutupan aktiviti selepas PMR ting.3)
  • pantun dadah
  • owh ya, i formed the theatre group but can't joined it for some reasons. missed it so much.
  • sajak dadah
  • choral speaking
  • then when i was chosen to be the head of assembly unit(prefect), i get to hold the microphone and be on stage everyday...haha jaji jaji-.-
i'm sure i'm gonna miss those moments so much after this.

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