potatoes n eggs

by - April 01, 2009

1/4/09*first day of april*
.The 4th week of scout's meeting.

First, wrap all your potatoes n eggs.

Next, light up the fire.

Then, THROW your wrapped potaotes n eggs INTO the fire.
*peace to the world*
haha. go TEAM BRAVO!

chills, this is my first time of doing this kind of scout's activity...
n it was so fun! i loveee my team members!
they are all full of attitude, manners n most importantly, TEAMWORK!

although most of us are still juniors n know just a little something about scouts, but we manage to get everything done on time n perfectly.

a random moment during the activity....

api sedang menyala... semua ahli Bravo sedang sibuk berusaha untuk memastikan api tidak terpadam.

Al-Arif : *duduk bersila di hadapan api,menutup mata dan merapatkan kedua-dua telapak tangannya* semoga dewa-dewi merahmati semua roh orang mati...*terus merepek*

Nadz : hahaha, weh, murtad la!


anyways, i do love my patrol.
will try harder to learn n have fun together with them!

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