learn to live without you

by - October 13, 2009

can u find my name?

now, i'm a girl with no appendix.

is that suppose to be sad or what? haha. i've to learn on how to manage life without u, my dear appendix.

anyway alam, skrg kita satu geng lah. geng orang yg takde appendix!

last thursday, i've been warded in Pusrawi, Kuala Lumpur.

after about a week i went for the ultrasound scanning, the doctor decided to declared my pain as an acute appendicitis. so, my appendix haruslah dibuang jauh-jauh, to avoid any serious infections.

that thursday, after recess at school, mama came to school and fetch me. straight away papa sent us to Pusrawi. lepas check dgn Dr.Razipah and did another urine test, terus masuk wad petang tu.

ALAM n NADZ, thanx for being there earlier than me. ni lah kawan namanya, orang yg sakit pun belum sampai hospital, diorang dah sampai dulu. thanx banyak2. LOVE U GUYS.

kemudian, sesampai sahaja kami di kaunter wad AS-SALAAM tersebut, semua nurse terus pandang Alam. macam dia je yg nak pergi bedah. rupanya terdapat kekeliruan dlm nama sy. ZULfati, since ZUL is commonly known as guy's name,so they all thought it's a guy's name! haiyaa.

then, after registeration, i got my bed.

i didn't feel nervous. at all.*chin up*

ok ok tipu lah tu kan. mestilah takut sikit.sikit je.

then about 8.30 pm, i was carried to the room where patients have to wait before being operated. it was damn boring. nothing to do.
the best entertainment is to look at the ceiling and think about how fun the operation will be later. seriously!

the unexpected "calm" situation forced my mouth to speak and the lucky victim was...the nurse!

"kakak pernah tak kena operate?"
"kakak dah lama ye jadi nurse?"

sampaikan nurse tu tanya....

"awak tau tak awak nak operation ni?"

"tau lah."

"habis tu nampak ceria je, selalu orang lain dah menangis dah ni.."

hehehe. tu tandanya dia suruh berhenti bercakap.hehe.=.='''

kemudian masa yg ditunggu-tunggu telah tiba.
dlm pukul 9.05pm, zazi disorong ke bilik pembedahan.

sedar2 je dah pukul 10.00pm.

alhamdulillah, everything went on smoothly.

lepas tu,semasa disorong utk kembali ke dlm wad, i can see mama, alam n nadz. owh, i'm alive!

then in the ward, i can see papa, irfan n atok.

i had slight difficulties to talk but i can't stop talking either. haha.

then about 12, they all went home...

the next day, i can already be discharged.

thanx alam, nadz n waff for visiting.=)
n thanx a lot for making a lot of jokes, eventhough i couldnt laugh. *sakit tau tak...*

from that day onwards, i have to live my life as a girl without her appendix.

now i have to abstain myself from eating those chicken, eggs, spicy and oily things in order for me to recover faster.

tapi,skrg ni teringin sgt nak KFC yg spicy tu.. T-T


n i got MC for 2 weeks. i'll be back to school on the 26th of October.

terima kasih kpd yg sudi mendoakan sy. Allah saja yg dpt membalasnya.=)

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