Prom dress hunting : over

by - December 19, 2009


finally i've got my baju to wear on the prom night!

it's short, white with a pink ribbon at the back (of course, it's impossible that i can ever leave pink) and most importantly, it worth the price!

believe it or not, it was my first time going to Sungai Wang Plaza, just to find that dress.(kalau boleh, taknak pergi lagi)

i went there along with Amy , Nadz and Alam. Alam? cari dress jugak? hahaha.hey don't ever underestimate guys okay. Amy actually bought the dress that Alam picked for her to try at the boutique! haa.

i've learnt a lot on how to spend money very very wisely lately. now i realise how hard it is to resist the temptation of shopping and saving your own money at the same time. i repeat, YOUR OWN MONEY. 

and it is NOT EASY.hahaha.

now that prom dress hunting is over, i can wait no more to be at the prom!
it will be the final time for most of us, the form 5 students to meet and have fun together (SPM results day terkecuali) before we left the 'secondary school era'. hope that it will be a really unforgettable night.=)

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