Days that will never come back =)

by - January 26, 2010

Belakangan ini..
saya kerap membuang masa meluangkan masa bersama rakan-rakan tercinta..
hangout with them and do all the silly things together..
realising that there are loads of reasons for me to stay this young (and immature) instead of growing up..

Where: Mid Valley
Why: went to visit the education fair
When: 23 January 2010, Saturday


Where: In LRT, on the way to Sogo
Why: ada sale!!
When: 22 January 2010, Friday

yeay shopping! hahaha

later, went for cream!!

the 3 scoops of marvellous ice cream that we 3 shared together..yes, always there for each other..
(kononnya, tapi makan rebut-rebut conflakes tu jugak! haha)

Where: Jaya Jusco Maluri

Why: Sale!! of course hahah it was Jcard Day
When: 14 January 2010

 miss you Alia!!

Where: PWTC
Why: Education Fair
When: January 2010


Where: KLCC
Why: Movie! Princess and the Frog
When: Somewhere after SPM..haha

Where: Bukit Bintang Plaza
Why: Hunting for Prom dress!
When: few days before prom

well,those times will never come back to.
.i love you guys=)

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