My Perfect Wedding Dream

by - January 28, 2010

Warning: This post is just about something that popped out of the mind of a dreamy girl.=D

Well, everyone loves dreaming right? I dream too.
and this time i dream about how my wedding will be later in the future.

The theme colour will be Pink and White. I prefer a garden wedding or something that is simple and easy, where everyone could come and celebrate the wedding in harmony...=)

tada! *clearly showing what's on my mind*

the first thing would be the invitation cards.selalunya orang hanya simpan kad sebelum berlangsungnya majlis, dan selepad itu kad jemputan tersebut akan tamatlah riwayatnya; end up in a garbage bag.

UNLESS, that card was something rare and really special! ahaa!! so... i want my cards to be special too. 

i cant really find the cards that suits my imagination right now on the what's shown above are just 10% of the exact look my cards will be..(cheh, jauhnya berangan..)

when it comes to the day, i want to arrive to the wedding venue on a......*drum roll*

right!! a horse cart!! hahaha just like when cinderella arrived to the ball.. or if you think this is just too ridiculous..fine! this is my second choice..

a pink limo!! hahahhahahaha...(come on, say it..i know you wanna say i'm just too obsessed with pink, and your eyes hurt!!)hahahaha...

next,about the wedding gown...i hope i can wear a gown.(mama cakap, jaji kena kurus sikit kalau nak cantik pakai gown (T-T) )
i want it to be creamy white with a little sprinkle of pink.

tadaaa!! maybe something like this, but with pink somewhere on it.

untuk hidangan bagi menjamu selera kepada para tetamu yang hadir, saya lebih suka mengekalkan hidangan yang telah manjadi adat kaum Melayu. of course!! nasi minyak, acar buah, ayam masak merah... yummy!! *tiba-tiba jadi lapar*

nasi minyak

acar buah
 ha, jemputlah makan! tambah- tambah lagi.. jangan malu-malu...

next, for the giveaway goodies..Melayu kebiasaannya akan memberi setangkai bunga telur kepada setiap tetamu yang hadir.. setahu saya ia melambangkan zuriat kepada pasangan pengantin...

in my wedding's goodie bag, i will make sure there are bunga telur, some sweets, cupcakes, and also this unique mannequin display.

it's not a random mannequin but, those mannequin will be wearing MY wedding's also useful as it can be a place for you to hang keys, keychains or even accesories like bracelets and rings.

hahahaha i think this wedding dream will stay a dream, as it sounds so fairytale...dream on!

there's nothing wrong with dreaming, cause without dreams and hope, it keeps you alive!!

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