Hate to eat but...

by - February 07, 2010

Chocolate Ice Cream
Oh my, how tempting!! Basically, a normal chocolate ice cream contains about 40% of fats and 30% of cholesterol. Also, very very high in sugar. I repeat, VERY VERY VERY. It is most likely to cause diabetes than any other nutrition contained in a bowl of ice cream.  Then fats, will make you become soo fat, or worse, overweight or even worse, obes! 

So, i hate to eat this!


Fries/ Onion Rings

Hah, benda ni. Totally my favourite! To have a body shape like me, come on, eat this every single day!! Yeay! -_- Fries and onion rings, as many knows, are deep fried then served with either sauces or mayonnaise. High in fats and sodium (potato). Oily, high in cholesterol. Such a short cut to get artery problems and obesity.

So, i hate to eat this!


Nasi Lemak

My favourite for weekend breakfast! Yes, only for weekends, due to it's high high cholesterol. I usually prefer nasi lemak with telur mata kerbau, or ayam goreng. See? Both are fried. So both are high in cholesterol! Tapi memang sedappp. Plus with the sambal. Manis-manis, pedas-pedas. Yummy! The rice, is one of the common factors of diabetes among Malaysians. Rice contains sugar and if overly consumed, will cause diabetes.Ngeri!

So, i hate to eat this!



It doesnt matter whether it's a chocolate cookie, or chocolate chip cookie, they are all just the same!! High in sugar and fats! An easy way to get obesity and diabetes is to eat only this for your breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper. 

So, i hate to eat this!


who cares? and who can ever resist the temptation of nasi lemak, chocolate ice cream and fries??hahaha. although Socrates once said, manusia makan untuk hidup, bukannya hidup untuk makan. but, wouldnt it be such a waste if you dont try those food for even once? Right? Now go indulge yourself with those marvellous tasty superbly delicous food... =D
but hey not too much haa, you must take a good care of your health. it's one of the best gift from Allah.

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