Room Sweet Room =)

by - February 24, 2010

So, school years have been so great! and I think it's time for me to reorganise my room. I have to put those things in place. Things that arent just a thing, but a thing that holds a 1000 memories. Full spirited, i bought some boxes during CNY holidays at a gift shop in Tampin, Melaka. Went there to visit Atuk. Believe me, the prices of those boxes are far faaarrr cheaper than KL!


Kemudian..bermulalah operasi mengemas! Jaji keluarkan semua barang yang selama ni tersimpan di dalam almari, laci dan kotak-kotak.. Bukan sikit. Haha. Tak percaya? Have a look =)

My Graphic Novels. All time favourite. (Nadz, bila nak pulangkan?hehe)

Cards and Letters ( No, they aren't love letters =P )

Only part of my 'participant tags' collection. These things are memorable, some people just don't know how to appreciate things like this. It's your own effort!! Keep it!! Who knows if you turn out to be somebody, people will pay thousands for this thing of yours =)

Hah, these. My soul, my life, my thoughts. Diaries!!
Let me tell you; the blue one is my very first diary. I started writing diaries and journals since i was 7. How i miss those days when i read it again and again. My current diary is the pink one, at the right corner of the photo. It's a gift from Alam, a birthday present actually. =D

Hehehehe, shoes and shoe boxes. 

Gifts and presents from others.
and much more things. When i grow up, i will have my own castle, and i want to have a room just for me to keep all my precious things. It reminds me of all the best moments i've ever had in life. During school-hood. Have you ever heard of this: When i say i miss school, i mean friends, not really the school.
Well, i don't say that i'm not agree with it, it's just that i miss more than just friends when i said that. =)

Wah kemas-kemas. 

From the smallest box (sebesar tapak tangan)

to the medium one

to the largest box!

And, here is the result.


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