Berjaya Times Square

by - March 03, 2010

hahahahaha, I've been living in KL since i was born, means like, almost 18 years!
but only after 18 years, i finally manage to visit Berjaya Times Square. or TS, to be short.

Located in Jalan Imbi, Kuala Lumpur, anyone can easily reach there with the help of the Imbi Station Monorail linked to the bulding.
I was accompanied by my best girlfriend, or my best crazy comrade, or whatever you prefer to describe her, 
Nadzirah Afiqah!
Actually, we never thought that the visit would end up being a shopping day. Our aim was just to meet and chat(gossips) and that's all. But, how can you resist the temptation?? 
when everything was like

RM 15
all RM 25

can you? really, tell me!

the first 30 minutes..
Nadz: okay.. i'm here just to meet you, Jaji! No shopping!!

the last 30 minutes..
Nadz: Jaji! Lawa tak baju ni?? Lawa kan?? *sambil keluarkan duit dan menuju ke arah kaunter*


hahahaha but really, it's not her fault.
Berjaya Times Square is great. Really comfortable. Just that, sometimes i have to see some unwanted scenes that happened. You know it. And, there's just too many school students there! Aren't they got homework to do?? And, how can their parents let them go Times Square when me myself only get to go there when i'm almost 18..

We went for lunch at Station Kopitiam, then Borders to buy some books. We can't live without books!!
then later coincidently Alam was having his break. So we decided to meet up at the food court. 

aww, isn't he adorable?? hahaha. Nadz bought some hair clips so Alam tried it out without any hesitation.ha.ha.

Fork. Awesome, Hot, yeah that's us!!! *ha.ha.ha.*

then we realise that it's time for us to go home. Balik rumah lah budak. haha. as usual, rushed like there's no tomorrow BUT that hectic rushing time wouldn't be a perfect rush without any pit stop! haha.

Nadz: Jaji! baju ni lawa!! tengok jap!
Jaji: Nadz, kat situ ada selipar banjir that i really wanted tu!

hahahaha. by the end of the day, we both bought two shirts each. right, no shopping. RIGHT!!

Nadz: Jaji, this is all your fault! *showing her newly bought shirts*

hahaha what can i do.. it's not even our desire to be like just naturally happens all the time..
hahah i had fun, really. Berjaya Times Square, i'll come to you again! Just you wait, i will...=)

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