by - April 18, 2010

yep, crushed.

this is bad, right?

things happenned like this. On last two week's Friday,
my papa parked his dark green car in front of the mosque near Tasik Permaisuri..
then, he and my brother left the car locked and went into the mosque to perform the Friday prayer.

then, there was this one brainless creature (ops, what a harsh word) if he's a Muslim guy then how could he skipped the prayer!
that brainless creature took something hard i don't know what, and crushed it onto the
window of the front passenger's seat.

PRANNGG! thats how it might sounded.

that creature then took my younger brother's SCHOOL BAG. yep, only a school bag.

how about the coins inside the coin box? Not even a cent was taken.

how about the car radio? still there,in perfect condition.

my papa's books and jackets and shirts? still there.

see, maybe he was really a brainless human. poor thing.

owh.. maybe he thought that a Laptop was inside the school bag.
but what did you get huh?? School books! COOL!!! try to finish those home works then. haha.

but, hey, placed beside the school bag was my brother's not so white school shoes, and his blue Tupperware water bottle. COME ON! wasn't that obvious that inside the bag are school books??

But things happened. Already happen. Nothing can be changed. Except for that broken window.

we lodged a Police report, here.

owh , yeah, then that evening, my brother went to school without any book.
lenggang kangkung je. kasihan! sebab malam tu dia tidur lambat semata-mata nak siapkan home works. haihh.

it's okay, take this as a useful lesson. NEVER EVER LEAVE BAGS or POTENTIALLY STOLEN things inside your car!

and papa said, "if that person who took the bag with an intention of studying, papa halalkan.. takpe.. biarlah dia belajar.. mungkin dia tak mampu nak beli buku kot.. kalau papa jumpa dia papa takkan marah if dia dapat jawab semua soalan dalam buku tu denganh betul.. dan kalau dia cemerlang periksa and jadi orang berguna nanti, papa tak marah.. takpe.."

haha..what a are the best papa! ;P

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