Back to school ^^

by - May 04, 2010

I've made up my mind.. and really hope that this will be the right decision.

Izazi akan kembali ke sekolah, sebagai pelajar Tingkatan 6.

For UPU, I got this offer, Teknologi Kreatif - Pengurusan Seni. Di UiTM.

But I don't think I'll be going.

I prefer form 6, still. Even others said that STPM for me will be darn hard, this and that lah, and also much other negative thoughts I've heard. But I'm determined towards this ^^ Insyaallah..

This coming Monday, 10th May 2010, I'll be going to SMK Victoria (sekolah Wafiy haha) for registration.

But wait!! Baju sekolah, kasut, semua belum beli lagi!! ;P

Now thats the only thing.. uniform, again.... after eleven years!!!
haha takpe, this is for my own future.
It's not the clothes, it's the knowledge that matters! 
Please wish me luck.. as I heard STPM is the 2nd hardest exam in the world!

To my best friends..

Alam who will be going Kedah for foundation in Mechatronics...
Nadz to Malacca for Matriculation..
Alia doing asasi sains at Uitm Shah Alam, dekat je..
Amy also asasi , UM..
Waf kat Bangi.. dekat jugak..

and others too..

GOOD LUCK !!! ^^

no matter how cool of friends you guys get at your new places, please don't forget me - your gorgeous and pretty and hot and short and smart  and much more - friend here!! ;P

the time will come..very soon.. Good luck! ;)

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