The Sigma

by - June 04, 2010

Hey, dah lama tak update hahaha. Im in school.. Been busy.

Life in VI, so far so great! Let me tell you briefly of what I've experienced, beginning from the orientation week.

The orientation was so tiring, omg. -.- I climbed(with the boys help of course) the two meter wall on the school's field, which they called it as The Green Wall. Before that, i never realise that I'm actually a SUPER GIRL. -.-
A failed Super Girl actually, cos I landed like "gedebuk" where my hips first touched the ground. HAHA.

Then, there was this fun activity where we were required to make clothes out of newspapers. The best dress created will win. For my team, named Aurora, I was the model. Tadaaaa

 This is the new Miss Malaysia yow! Siap jual nasi lemak lagi hahaha. Our team's fashion designer was Vaish. She created this Miss Malaysia look while the rest helped with the cutting of papers. Personally I think this is cool! Ada kipas Cina kat tangan, collar cheongsam kat leher, baju etnik Sarawak (yang bahu tajam tu), ada terompah, hiasan kepala berinspirasikan etnik Sarawak, kain baju kurung(terpaksa dijadikan knee-length sbb susah nak jalan), dan kalau tengok dekat2 ada gelang India kat tangan. Pada tangan sebelah kiri tu adalah nasi lemak atas dulang!HAHA

 On the 'runway'
And guess what, we won this competition! ^^

On the last day of our orientation, 
ABG CHA: Zazi meh sini. Kau tolong jadi MC untuk majlis penutup lepas rehat ni kay. *sambil bagi aturcara*
JAJI: ha, okay-okay. *terkejut, tak pasal-pasal je kena. tapi pasrah je* nak cakap apa?
ABG CHA: Alah cakap je lah apa-apa. macam kau tak biasa pulak!*terus pergi meninggalkan jaji tercengang-cengang*
 But overall the orinetation was fun! :)

Then after the orientation week ended, our learning started. MUET, Pengajian Am, Bahasa Malaysia, Sejarah, dan Pengajian Perniagaan. Class: Lower 6 Arts 2. Tell you what, STPM is so far from easy. And it is much more harder than hard! 

Have a look on these pictures :) Owh btw, semua gambar ni dari FB Nabila.. dari kamera handphone je jadi tak berapa jelas.. Sorry ^^

Pemandangan dari luar kelas kami. ni padang sekolah. Cantik kan? keluar-keluar je kelas dah boleh nampak kehijauan alam^^

Mellisa and me

Fathin Sabahdin.. Jiran meja sebelah ^^ That pink bottle is mine!

Fathin, again.

Ni Asmaa'. *malu-malu pulak dia* She was my former classmate when I was in SRA Almustqimah. Now we are classmates again.What a small world right?

Wani and me

 Aina and Amer *ehem ehem*

new friends, Liza and Hazirah

Mell and me, again

Ni Faridah aka Eyda Damey yg tengah makan nasi lemak dlm kelas. HAHA

Asmaa' and Wan

That girl on the left is Fathin, while the right one is me. That guy is Uma, our class' monitor. 

Our MUET teacher..^^

In this school, cellphones are ALLOWED! yeaayy ^^

Well, I enjoy this journey so far. I wont play much this time. Need to strive harder! 

I can go to sleep and dream, or I can wake up and chase my dream!
Sigma is the 18th letter of the Greek alphabet. My life is now going into it's 18th year. 

The time of life that I have to live to the fullest.
The 18th, The Sigma.:)

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