The art of archery

by - July 05, 2010

Hari bersejarah 22/06/2010...

My first time of releasing arrows from their bows! :D
I joined the target archery club in school... so during my first attendance I was taught on how to shoot those arrows properly. Body must be perpendicular to the target, feet placed shoulder-width apart, head facing the target, arms straight.

I was kind of nervous at first, but after several trials I found that archery is actually fun! Kind of stress releasing for me. Well, just think of someone you hate, or incident that upsets you, or imagining that by shooting straight you can get 4 flat for exams -.-  aim right and release!!! Kalau kena tepat, baguslah kan. Tapi kalau tak kena, cubalah lagi. Gagal sekali tak bermakna gagal selamanya!

Tapi saya tak pernah lagi dapat shoot tepat ke kuning tu! Kejap-kejap kena pada warna birulah, hitamlah, dan kalau nasib tak menyebelahi, kena pada rumput tepi tu je.

 Guess I'll have to work more on that. I want to try heavier bows!

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