I know, its been ages

by - April 30, 2011

Okayyy, i know, its been ages since I last updated. HAHA

Nadz kata blog aku dah mati.
Abang Cha pulak boleh ugut nak delete dari blog roll dia! HAHA

Chillax, i know you guys just missed me so much. :D

Now that it's 2011, a lot of things had happened.

Bad things, good things, sweet, sour, laughs, tears, fair, dark, EVERYTHING.

Life in VI? So far so good.
I was chosen as the Edtor-in-chief of the school mag, phew, definitely not an easy task.
A vice president of the Form 6 Council, i better be good.
Vice secretary of Board of Chairmen,  reports and letters here i come.

Hows class?
U6A2 dah warna biru sekarang. :)
Aina and Eyda, we miss you girls. Semoga berjaya di UiTM.
Dear classmates, teachers are counting on us so lets together try to not to let them down.

Stress level? Dont even ask.
STPM, please be good to me. :)

 "If you feel it, let it happen"

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