Its 2012!

by - January 08, 2012

Hellooooooooooooooooooooooo.. anybody home?

HAHA okay.. so its 2012 already.. enough with the "nasi lemak" post.. (my last post,the post that everybody keeps talking about each time i promised them that i will update this blog) HAHA..

so as i promised, I will update my blog as soon as i'm free. you know, with those school stuffs, doing homeworks and sitting for exams and attending co curricular  activities and going to the library and staying up late for revision(yeah right) and the list goes on........but hey, its over now! well maybe, over for now....... right??okay, okay. it might not be over yet, i havent enroll for any university yet. but, until then, this blog will be alive! ALIVE!!! *insert thunder sound effect here* wahahahaaa...

*cant believe its been almost a year since i last updated* =.=

wish i can turn this blog from this;


WAHAHA..or perhaps, more like, this one?

HAHA.. =.=

so now, beware, the recap posts are coming! and of course i'll also update my current activities.. since this blog is like a journal to me, or more like a diary. and no, my main purpose of creating this blog in the first place (which was like 4 years ago) is not to brag about my life or anything (theres nothing to be bragged about pun) =.= BUT just to share things i did, thoughts, and most importantly, this blog is for "the old me" (which will appear in another 10 to 20 years) to read it over and over again, remembering how good the old days were.. :)

by the ways,

2011 was a great year.. i spent most of my days in Victoria Institution, the elite institution where i furthered my studies in Form 6. VI taught me a lot, seriously. ;)  there will be another post about things i did in VI, later.
hah? apa? STPM macam mana? jangan tanya sekarang boleh tak? HAHAHA.. STPM was real tough. i have started to have nightmares about the results already! HAHA


its already the 3rd of  January but i hope its still not too late for me to wish you A HAPPY NEW YEAR :)
banyak azam saya nak tunaikan sempena tahun baharu ni sebenarnya.. plus 12 is my favourite number, because i was born on the 12th. so i hope 2012 will be good to me ;) Insyaallah..

apa-apa pun, blog ni akan hidup semula! (hopefully....) =.= hahaa..

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