Whats the Reason Behind Your Smile?

by - April 26, 2015

Ever wonder what usually makes you smile?

As for me, its always the simplest things. Simple but very, very great gifts from Allah. If I'm going make a list, its going to be a loooooong one. But it doesnt hurt to count our blessings right? These days, I woke up every morning with a positive vibe, feeling happy and and so uplifted, until two minutes later when I go to the toilet to clean myself for Subuh prayer and.... surprise! Its the water shortage season in UKM again! T_T How can I stop myself from complaining when I have to go all the way to the static tank the college provided and use up all of my positive energy to carry a very heavy pail of water to my room which is on the second floor just to clean myself up? Hahaha. Normally I would just take a deep breath and imagine that things could be worse; what if the static tank is empty? what if my room is on the fourth floor? what if I'm a handicapped and couldnt handle carrying the pail? what if the building is on fire? what if I'm not even in UKM, but in a deserted forest with with no one to save me, waiting to be eaten by a phyton? :O

Now thats scary, haha. So once again, my happiness is restored. "at least the static tank is not empty", "at least I'm not handicapped", its all about counting your blessings. And you'll smile again.

So basically, He makes me happy by giving me things I dont deserve, if I were to count my sins. I have my family, crazy friends, fluffy cats, pink car, yummy foods, enough clothes, more than enough tudungs. :P

Those are just some reasons for me to keep smiling. So whats the reason behind your smile?

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