Learning Guitar

by - May 11, 2015

My mother is a music teacher, but I have never learn to play any musical instruments. There's a keyboard at home and I learnt to play Innocence by Avril Lavigne once (when I was in secondary school, through Youtube lol) and then thats it. Until recently at the age of 22 (going to be 23 soon) I suddenly realise that it is still not impossible for me to start learning something that I've always dream I'll be good at. And so I chose guitar. Why guitar? Apart from the whimsical sound it makes, you can easily take it anywhere you go. And because my brother knows how to play it (so I can bully him to teach me muahaha), and also because my junior in college, Amirah Izzati Kamil Rafizan aka Ijat is a guitarist for her band (Ijat was my childhood friend, and now we are bff awwww) so she can teach me while we're in college. In fact all these while I've been borrowing her's and my friend Amiruddin Roselan's acoustic guitar. Haven't decide to get my own guitar yet, but if I happen to get one, it'll have to be pink! Haha.

How about the learning process? Hmm mula-mula memang agak susah. Dilahirkan dengan jari pendek, nak letak jari dekat fret tu memang mencabar. Empat jari tangan kiri memang akan mengelupas dan lama-lama mengeras akibat selalu dipaksa untuk tekan tali gitar hahaha. Mula-mula memang sakit, tapi lama-lama okay. Antara chord asas yang Ijat dan cikgu-cikgu dalam Youtube ajar adalah Em, Am, C, D, F, dan G. Dapat mahirkan enam chord tu je pun dah macam-macam lagu boleh main, tapi dengan strumming pattern yang berbeza-bezalah. Apabila dah mahir, dah boleh juga belajar chord lain seperti A, E, Dm, Em7, Dsus4, dan sebagainya. Chords yang agak susah adalah barred chords, sebab dia memerlukan kita untuk tekan kesemua tali dengan satu jari, dan beberapa tali lain dengan jari lain pada masa yang sama, misalnya Bm. Barred chords ni saya pun duk rasa nak gigit je gitar tu bila main tapi bunyi dia tak jadi sebab tekan tak cukup kuat. Nasib baik gitar pinjam. Tapi tak apa, kan practice makes perfect?

Satu lagi cabaran belajar main gitar ni adalah untuk menyanyi dan main pada masa yang sama. Masa mula-mula, suara dan jari ni macam tak nak berkerjasama. Bila mula nak nyanyi je, mesti strumming pun ke laut. Tapi lama-lama okaylah, bolehlah juga nak main sambil nyanyi walaupun nyanyian tu hmm tak berapa nak lemak merdu haha.

This is Apologize by One Republic. Its basically the first song that I managed to play and sing at the same time. Four chords (Am,F, C, G) and basic DD DU strumming pattern. The strumming was a bit rough and I think its obvious that I was counting the tempo in my head haha.

This second video is All I Want by Kodaline. These two videos are about two to three weeks apart, but I can see myself improving hehehe. For this one, the strumming is a bit faster, but took me only four chords (C, F, G, Am). (Was trying to do some plucking at the end but hmmm hahaha)

So basically thats it about me and my guitar journey. No, I am not aiming to be a singer nor a guitarist, but I'm doing this just because its never too late to learn something new, right? And so far, learning guitar had been so much fun! (plus it taught me patience too hahaha) But theres still so much more to learn. Million thanks to my sifu, Ijat for being so patient with me even when I knocked your door in the middle of the night just to ask about guitar related stuffs. Love you!

Although guitar is fun, I have always looked at myself as a piano person. Perhaps when I feel like giving up on guitar, I'll give piano a try? (Well I've tried some songs on piano before, but not as serious as guitar) Hehehe well, it doesnt hurt to try!

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