How I Lost 5kgs in One Month (Part 1)

by - December 04, 2015

Okay, it is not impossible to lose 5kgs in a month! I know, it sounds 'easy', like "even anyone could lose 5kgs in a month" but hey trust me, it is not! Hahaha, especially when you've been fat for more than three years of your life ha.ha.ha. *nangis bawah bantal*

Firstly, diet alone is not enough. You must exercise! Exercises will help A LOT. Plus exercising will make you happy and sweating makes you feel good. I wouldnt call what I do as 'workouts' because I believe working out requires more effort and more intense that what Ive been doing (maybe), so I'll just call it as 'exercises'.

My exercise routine:

1. I go for a jog almost every morning after Subuh, sometimes a real slow jog. For me, I dont really care how fast (or slow) I go, as long as I dont stop jogging until I reach my 2.5km targeted distance. I dont care if I feel like dying, I will just jog slowly until I reach the point. I will stop jogging and start walking only if I really, really cant breath or if my lungs hurt. But most of the times, I managed to jog until the end. At first I was skeptical about jogging - since I have asthma, I used to think that running or jogging will only make me sick. But I pushed myself. I put some songs on my mp3 that will motivate me to keep going, I will think the about the weight I'm carrying and how desperately I want to get rid of them, or even think of how I want to look good in pictures. I even put motivational quotes as my phone's wallpaper!

2. After I got back from the jog, I will lie down on my pink yoga mat and start doing some 'absercises'. Sit ups, crunches, leg raises. I will just keep going until Im tired, and I normally get tired after 40 sit ups (10 reps/set), 20 crunches (knee + cross), 5 sets of different kind of leg raises, plus a 60 secs arm plank. I dont know if these are good or if it brings damage to your body, but based on my experience, it worked so well in making me lose 2 inches of belly fat in just two weeks. Tapi rasanya benda ni berkesan untuk orang yang memang ada lemak je hahaha. Kalau lemak pun tak ada macam mana nak nampak kesan kan? Hiuhiu.

3. Squats. After I get tired of the absercises, I will take one or two minutes just to catch my breath, and then I will start doing squats. I can go for 50 reps/set, and then thats it for the morning. I would do a random squat reps at any time of the day whenever my squat-mood attacks haha. So throughout the day, I would manage to complete around 150 - 200 squats.

4. Swimming. I do this only when its convenient to do so, like when I have free times, when there are friends coming along, when the pool is open at night (because Im free at night), and the reasons go on... haha. But swimming helps you to burn calories in a fun way, without having to sweat. BUT, it does make you hungry right after you come out of the pool hahaha so beware!

So basically those are my exercise routines. I believe it is not complicated nor challenging at all especially for those athletic calisthenics strong indestructible superhumans out there haha. But it turned out well for me, and so far I dont experience any abnormal pain or injuries. Alhamdulillah for that. Anddd exercises alone are not enough if you dont watch what you eat! I will share about my diet in my next post (Part 2), Insyaallah. Happy exercising!

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