Sky is Not the Limit

by - April 08, 2017

I have a thing for the sky. It gives me feelings I cant explain. Looking at the sky always calms me, like everything's refreshed, renewed. I have sooo many photos of the sky in my phone. My favourites are of course, the dawn and twilight. Keep on reading if you love the sky too!

Setiap kali ternampak pemandangan langit yang cantik, biasanya Jaji takkan lepaskan peluang untuk ambil gambar. Oh, kecuali kalau tengah memandu. Sebab, bahaya kan, duhh haha. Kalau ada kawan kat sebelah, memang kawan tu lah jadi mangsa untuk tolong ambilkan gambar. Okay, setiap kali tengok langit, saya mesti akan tengok sambil tersenyum. Walaupun kadang-kadang masa tu saya tengah nak balik dari berjoging, saya tetap akan berhenti sejenak dan ambil masa untuk merenung ke langit. Kalau ada orang yang ternampak saya masa tu, mesti diorang ingat saya ni tak betul kot haha.

Besides smiling, I would also take a long, deep breath. I'd close my eyes if I want to, and then open them again just to see such beautiful view in front of me. Subhanallah.

Looking at the sky also reminds me of my dreams. I'm talking about two kinds of dreams here; the kind you get when you're sleeping, and the kind where you put your hopes and ambitions into. When I was a child, I always, always dream of the sky. Mimpi boleh terbanglah, mimpi duduk kat menara tinggi lah (menara tinggi bertingkap kaca yang boleh nampak langit), mimpi tengok matahari terbenamlah, haha macam-macam. Saya juga bercita-cita untuk mengembara jauh. I dream of travelling which will require me to get onto a plane and fly high. That's a wonderful feeling I suppose (well, until you get airsickness! haha)

I take the plane about once a month to travel to and from USM. If my flight is during the golden hours (when the sky looks REALLY amazing) with the clouds and everything, I would just be lost in the sky and in my own thoughts. The one hour flight would feel just like minutes.

One of my wildest dreams would be to sit at the back of a truck (something like Hilux), all cozy (with blankets and pillows and food! haha) with my soulmate, and just talk about anything while watching the night sky. *repeat when night is over - with sunrise* haha. But seriously, I cant think of any reasons not to love the sky. The beauty, the art, the philosophy... and one thing I learnt from the sky is;  dream high, sky is not the limit.

"...and she smiles at him, staring at the beautiful sunset reflected in his eyes." 

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