Colourpop Phase 2: Reviews and Swatches

by - July 12, 2017

Okay I think this would be my second time writing about lip products on my blog. The first one was about Sugarbelle Lip Cream, which was written last year. I dont really own that much of make up. Im actually very careful when purchasing make ups. I buy only, ONLY when I know I'm going to use it often. Anddd this time, I believe this Colourpop Phase 2 Lippies is one of the best purchases I've ever made! I know that this product already has a lottt of reviews done, especially on YouTube. But I'm just sharing from my point of views and just in case anyone is curious on how these products look on a Malay skin hehe.

Phase 2 by Colourpop is a mixed finish lip collection. It consists of three lip produts, which are Ultra Glossy Lip (Curtsy), Ultra Satin Lip ( Chandelier), and Ultra Matte Lip (Fresh Cut). All of them are in pretty pink shades. Lets view the photos below and I'll let them do the talking.

The swatches on my hand



Fresh Cut
Out of those three, my favourite would be Chandelier. I like it because it's not too shiny and also not too dry. I'm actually over matte lip products. I prefer those that are a bit shiny and glossy, but not too much. My next favourite is Curtsy, followed by Fresh Cut. Dont get me wrong, I love them all though.

Sebenarnya saya beli Phase 2 ni sebab saya memang lebih suka warna pink untuk kegunaan seharian. Ramai yang suka pakai warna-warna tanah (nude shades) kan sekarang, tapi kadang-kadang saya rasa warna nude yang terlalu coklat tak sesuai untuk saya. Buat saya nampak pucat dan tua haha. Sometimes I envy those girls who can rock every colours. Maybe I can try rocking them on special occasions, but as for now, pink is definitely my favourite everyday shade. Dalam gambar-gambar di atas pun saya cuma pakai solekan nipis dan ringkas je

Close up comparisons of all three shades (yes those are my lips haha):

*alamak, maaflah kalau tercomot hehe*

The glossy one is the easiest to be cleaned off your lips. Lepas makan dah kena touch up semula sebab warnanya akan pudar. Untuk yang satin pula, ia tak mudah tertanggal kalau kita makan dengan berhati-hati hehe. Mungkin kalau makan makanan yang berminyak sangat baru ia akan tertanggal sikit, tapi masih ada pada  bibir. Tapi kalau yang matte tu, teksturnya agak kering dan memang melekat pada bibir. Saya dah pernah cuba makan dengan 'ganas' pun, lip cream tu masih ada, setia di bibir. Kalau nak bersihkan dengan pembersih make up pun kena sapu dua tiga kali.

But overall, I loveee this lip collection! If pink is your shade, then this is totally a must have. Plus it is a really good deal! I bought this from the account colourpoppersmy on Carousell for only RM65! Three lip products for the mentioned price is so worth it. This series of lip collection is also available in Phase 1 (orangey shades) and Phase 3 (warm beige shades). I feel like giving them a try and if I do, I will surely up a short review about it, insyaallah.

Thanks for reading!
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