OMG, Rebecca Louise Commented My Photo!

by - October 20, 2017

OMG OMG! My fitness idol, Rebecca Louise actually replied to my instastory and commented on my photo! *fangirling hard* hahaha

Omg can you see that?? She loved me!
Haha yes I am excited. Ive been her follower since I first started working out, and that was about two years ago. You can find her videos on YouTube, and this one is my favourite (all of her videos are my fav but for the purpose of this blogpost, I'm just going to share one hehehe):

This was actually the first video I watched, and Ive been her fan since! She is very inspiring and always motivated. I even followed her on Snapchat, just to get her daily positive vibes. Her workouts are easy to follow and she demonstrated the steps so well. I actually lose about 5kgs with her workouts. Im so impressed that she can speak normally while working out, and I cant even catch my breath hahah. But Im making progress! You should go and check out her videos too. She also has a website with all the fitness info you need;

Dear Rebecca, if you ever read this, please know that I love you and Sir Alphie (her cute dog) so much! Thank you for sharing your health and fitness knowledge with the world. Keep being awesome!

p/s: I just registered a gym membership, will share my experience soon!

Salam sayang,

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