An Evening at Flora Kafe, The Ampwalk

by - January 06, 2018

So yesterday, my colleagues (from Universiti Malaya) and I went for dinner at Flora Kafe, located at The Ampwalk, Jalan Ampang. This. cafe. is. amazing!! The decoration is breathtaking. Masuk-masuk je, kami terus terpesona dengan hiasan dalaman kafe ni. Belum sempat pesan makanan lagi, masing-masing dah keluarkan kamera, hahaha. Sesuai dengan namanya, kafe ni mengetengahkan konsep flora dalam hiasannya. Atas bawah kiri kanan, wherever you look, you'll see florals.

Before we came here, we made a reservation first. Its also open for walk-ins, but we were just worried that the cafe might be fully booked for events or anything, therefore its safer to make a reservation beforehand.

This place is so nice for photos! Haha

There were four of us, so we ordered four main courses. Three of us ordered desserts. Surprisingly, all four of us ordered cold water! Hahaha. Saya memang pesan air sejuk je sebab dah pesan ais krim sebagai pencuci mulut, jadi tak nak lah minum air manis lagi. Rupanya diorang pun tiru! Hahaha. For the meals, I had spaghetti aglio olio, Tasha chose spaghetti carbonara, Faten with her chicken chop, while Hafiz ordered fish and chips. The prices are not bad for what they are offering, since the place is reallyyy nice, the staffs are friendly, and the food are awesome too! Lets take a look a these photos.

Spaghetti Aglio-Olio Seafood - RM23.00

Spaghetti Beef Bolognese RM23.00

Chicken Chop - RM21.00

Arent they mouth-watering?! Although I ordered aglio olio, I did have a bite on each of their meal (sharing is caring haha). So I can guarantee that its not just mine that tastes good, but all of them! For desserts, I had vanilla ice cream (never thought they would serve it this much! i thought it will just be in a small bowl) while Faten and Hafiz had caramels. I didnt try that one cuz I was already full with ice creams but they said its really good.

So no reviews for drinks then?? Since all of us ordered plain water?? Hahahah. Oh wait, there is! You see, although the cold water costs 50 cents each, they took the courtesy to add lemon slices into the water. Aww, I find this thoughtful (even mamak pun ada yang caj 50 sen untuk air kosong yang betul betul kosong tau). If you've been following my blog, you would know that I love lemon water hehehe.

Enjoying my aglio olio

Lepas selesai makan, kami meluangkan masa untuk bergambar di sekitar Flora Kafe ni. Pekerja kat sini peramah, mereka siap tolong ambilkan gambar dan bagi bunga tangan (hand bouquet) lagi untuk kami jadikan props, hehe. Thanks guys!

We were actually here to celebrate Tasha's last day of work (Tasha is the one in blue baju kurung), as well as celebrating 2k18. To be honest, before I started working, I thought that I'd have a fully professional relationship with my colleagues, like we'd only see each other during work, and not tell each other personal stories. Turned out these people are cool to hang out with! They made my working life more fun. I just have two more months left in UM, and then back to student life. Im so going to miss these people.

Keseluruhannya, Flora Kafe sangatlah memuaskan. Tempat ni juga sesuai untuk jamuan makan macam birthday ke, anniversary dinner ke, hehe. Jangan datang seorang sebab nanti tak ada geng nak bergambar! :p

If youre planning on coming to Flora Kafe, here are the details:

AddressThe AmpWalk, 218, Jalan Ampang, Kampung Datuk Keramat, 50450 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur

Phone03-2161 8010

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