A Fine Evening at Trust Issue

by - March 31, 2018

At 26, its almost impossible to find time to meet your friends and hang out like the old days. At this age, most of us are either busy with work, started a family, or still studying (like yours truly). You're lucky if you have friends you get to see everyday. (Note: friends are not equal to colleagues -- unless your colleagues are super cool). Today I get to meet my close friends from my high school years. Pertemuan ni akhirnya terlaksana juga setelah berbulan-bulan (atau mungkin bertahun-tahun (?)) ditangguhkan. Nak kata masing-masing tinggal berjauhan pun tak juga, tapi jadual hidup tu yang selalu membuatkan kami terpaksa memutuskan untuk "jumpa minggu depan jela", atau "tunggu semua orang free la" -- dan ini, tuan-tuan dan puan-puan, adalah sesuatu yang agak mustahil. Haha.

And finally today, we decided to just meet without any proper planning. Selalunya kalau kita beria merancang tu mesti asyik tak jadi kan, jadi kali ni kita laksanakan je terus. Alhamdulillah, three out of four arrived haha (missing Syuhada). Nak dapat jumpa berempat pun susah 😕 #dahtua. Fyi these people are my squad since my Victorian years. Jarang dapat jumpa berempat, tapi semua sentiasa dekat di hati (guys please terharu aku tulis macam ni pasal korang k 😜). We're tired of going to the mall so we decided to just hang out at this cool cafe called Trust Issue. (Honestly when I first saw the cafe I thought it says Trust Tissue) 😅

This cafe is located in Bandar Sri Permaisuri, just nearby to where all of us are staying. Nampak tak, dah tua tua ni malas dah nak pergi jauh jauh haha. If we could just hangout at each others' place, we would! (but we cant due to some circumstances lol)

So I was the first to arrive since Wany finished work at 4pm and she got on the train at 5pm, Nabila picked her up, and they reached the cafe only at 6pm. I was alone at the table for like 20 minutes, slightly awkward. Nasib baik ada phone, bolehlah buat buat busy sikit. 😛

These are the food we ordered. Jemput tengok 😛

Meatball Spaghetti - RM11.00

Crispy Carbonara (if im not mistaken) - RM11.00

Fish and Chips - RM16.50
Overall, the food was okay. My fish and chips was a little bit sweet but crunchy, Nabila's pasta was just okay (cair sikit), and Wany's meatball spaghetti was the best choice. Sebenarnya lepas bayar baru perasan yang rupanya Wany dengan Nabila order menu kids meal je hahaha patutlah pinggan kecik 😂 Tu pun dah cukup kenyang dah! Generous portion. 👍

Churros - RM8.00
I also ordered churros, but I had not idea that the chocolate dip is charged separately at RM5 haha. Terkejut sikit masa bayar tu. The service was tip top! Air sampai cepat (kitorang semua minum air mineral je haha) dan staf semua mesra senyuman. Also I really like the deco of this place! They have Islamic quotes written on the walls. They also have a plain cement wall if you want to ootd haha. Its a good place to hang out and I think I'll come back to try their masak lomak cili api  (yes they do have that).

It was a good evening spent with good people and good food. It was just a short one hour catch up, but it was worth it (we went home by Maghrib). We had fun! And oh, thank you Nabila for the gifts! It was really thoughtful. So... I guess we'll have to wait another 6 months for our next meeting? 😜

Salam sayang,

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