Love Potion and Ubat Gigi

by - May 25, 2018

Siapa sini suka makan aiskrim angkat tangan!! πŸ™‹

Hahaha. As you all know (or not), Im always in a love-hate relationship with ice creams. I loveee ice creams, but ice creams dont love me as much haha. I mean, who doesnt like ice creams? But of course, setiap kali makan ais krim, the thought of getting fat/diabetes/even getting double chins will haunt me *insert dramatic sound effect here*. Hence the love-hate relationship. But oh well, apalah gunanya hidup tanpa aiskrim yang sejuk, manis, enak lagi menggembirakan tu kan πŸ’Hehe, sekali sekala apa salahnya.

Siapa je tak kenal Baskin Robbins 31? Known for their ice cream cakes, BR31 is definitely one of my favourites (yes I have so many favourites when it comes to ice creams hehe). So today Im just going to share about my top two favourite flavours from Baskin Robbins. They are... *insert drum rolls* TADAAA

Mint Chocolate Chip and Love Potion! 

Mint Chocolate Chip (also called as ubat gigi by some of my friends haha) is basically mint flavoured ice creams loaded with chocolate chips, and Love Potion is white chocolate and raspberry (I super love raspberry) flavoured ice creams swirled with a raspberry ribbon, chocolate flavoured chips, and raspberry filled candies. Hey, mint chocolate tu tak ada pun rasa macam ubat gigi okay, my friends were just being mean haha. Of course it has that minty sensation (a little bit like ubat gigi) tapi takdelah sebiji rasa ubat gigi. πŸ˜…


Saya dah lama sukakan Mint Chocolate Chip, rasanya dari zaman sekolah lagi memang setiap kali pergi Baskin Robbins, saya mesti akan beli 1 Junior Scoop mint chocolate. Love Potion tu pula saya baru je cuba dalam dua tiga tahun lepas, and Ive been in love eversince! Sekarang ni tak pasal pasal daripada 1 Junior Scoop, dah jadi 2 Junior Scoop pula hahaha *gelak dengan rasa serba salah*.

Spotted: Another me eating a cup of BR ice creams during raya
Jaji lebih suka makan dalam cup daripada dalam kon, sebab lagi senang nak makan (read: tak comot) haha. Also the cup cant be eaten = less calories compared to eating the ice cream WITH the cone 😝

So thats it about my top two favourite flavours from Baskin Robbins. What's yours?

Salam sayang,

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