My Fav Casual Style: Leather and Denim

by - May 12, 2018

Ive talked about my favourite casual style few years back, and I think my taste havent changed that much haha. It still revolves around denim top, as you can see in my previous post here

But of course, the Esprit bag and Adidas footwear you see in the photo above are no longer with me, as they're now in a better place (read: thrown away). Ive fully used them to the extend where the bags were peeling badly (sampai setiap serpihan yang terkopek tu melekat-lekat kat baju), and the shoes were torn big enough for my toes to peep haha. Terima kasih kepada kedua-duanya; I had fun (and comfort) using them.

So today, Im just going to share about my casual ootd during a day out with my friends. I am not a fashionista, but I love wearing comfortable pieces. My style is simple and I dont mind wearing the same pieces again and again as long as its comfy. I love the ruffle details on my denim blouse!

Sling bag from Fossil (Fossil Peyton Double Flap Crossbody Small in Brown). My footwear is a pair of leather wedgdes (suuuperrr comfy!) from a leather goods store named Trust Leather in KL. Its not a well known brand (yet) but I can say that the comfort and quality it brings is almost as good as Clarks. Menurut pekerja kedai tu, semua barangan kulit di situ diimport dari Morocco.

My best friend Wany Nazar is also into this "simple but stylish" sense. She's wearing a stripe blue tshirt paired with a loose palazzo. Her bag; something from Coach with that signature Coach prints (not exactly sure what model/type it is haha).

*perempuan memang suka pegang tangan kan haha*

Of course denim is not my only favourite casual style, but for me, it definitely fits the 'casual' theme. Denim pants, denim dress, denim jacket, I love them all 💕My ootd usually depends on my mood, but theyre mostly quite the same; simple and comfortable. Im trying my best to not spend money on things I dont really need (susah okay but its for a greater good!).

Salam sayang,

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