Carya Comestics - Review, Swatches, and MOTD

by - August 24, 2018

Sooo as promised on my Instagram last week, I will do a blogpost about this Carya Cosmetics that is all over Instagram these days. I love watching make up tutorials on IG, it gave me a relaxed feeling for some reasons haha; thats when I stumble upon this oneness make up kit.

Im not a make up expert (I still have no idea how to conceal my dark circle correctly haha), but of course, like most girls, I love make ups; only I dont like to splurge on them. I will read and read and study about a certain product before I purchase it. Im the kind of person that spends hours in Watsons/Sephora just to buy ONE lipstick 😂 Well thats because Im broke most of the times, and its also because I dont want to spend too much (of the money I worked hard for 😂) , for things that I wont even be able to finish consuming before it expires. Kebanyakan make up akan tamat tempoh dalam masa 12 -18 bulan selepas dibuka, dan biasanya jaranglah saya dapat habiskan satu-satu palette tu sampai betul betul habis; "hit pan", as they say it. So all those make up will die in vain and all those money will be wasted... kesian.

Kembali kepada Carya Cosmetics. Dah lama saya perhatikan palette ni, dan dah lama jugalah saya jatuh cinta dengan palette ni sebelum saya buat keputusan untuk beli je 👀 I bought this because my previous palette, Tartelette in Bloom has exceeded its 12 months of good use; and also because my friend Izzati Azmi convinced me to just buy it hahaha.

Looking at its packaging, it somehow reminds me of Chanel beauty products. Saya pernah guna bedak, lipgloss, dan mungkin blusher juga daripada Chanel (tak berapa ingat sangat, it was a long time ago when I wasnt this broke ha ha ha *gelak sedih*). Maybe its the elegant black packaging and the neatness of this product that gave me the Chanel feels. Oh and the cute black dustbag too! 

Dalam satu kit ni ada tiga warna gincu, tiga pembayang mata, satu bronzer, satu highlighter, dan satu pemerah pipi. Lets take a look at the swatches 💖

Cantik kan?! I totally love the colours. Warna-warna natural dia memang sesuai untuk kegunaan harian, dan rasanya warna-warna ni memang masuk dengan semua jenis warna kulit. My fav lip colour is the peachy one (the first one on top). I tried using this palette for my simple make up (no foundation, no concealers) - with some shadows, eyeliner, blusher, and lipstick. Lets take a look at my MOTD (make up of the day)!

For this one, I used the second lip colour, the nude one. What do you think? Hehe. This is not my usual look, as I always go for pink or peachy lips. I also use the highlighter as part of my eyeshadows. I definitely loveee the blusher btw! I think it blends well with my skin colour and I look fresh. The lip colour doesnt last that long though, kena touch up lah lepas makan. Untuk eyeshadow tu, dia boleh bertahan sehingga 12 jam tanpa eyeshadow primer. Not baddd.

Theres nothing Id like to change about this palette for now, I love it the way it is, EXCEPT for the brushes. I think they can improve their blush brush as it is quite harsh on the skin (I prefer using my own brush), and their lip brush is also quite stiff. It will be better if they make it softer. But these are just my two cents, and I think everything else is already perfect for this kit. Perfect size, perfect colours. 💗

Thanks for reading!
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