My Journey with SomeByMi 30 Days Miracle Toner - Its a Real Miracle!

by - August 11, 2018

Okay first of all I would like to warn you that you might be seeing pictures that are not very pleasant to the eyes here 😂 Remember when I told you I was warded for around five days due to influenza? I was discharged with a better health condition, but not-so-good skin (face) condition. I dont know if its the medication, or my diet during the whole time I was sick (number of days of me being sick was around 12-15 days overall) - that causes my face to experience such breakout.

When I fully recovered, I noticed that there's this kind of rashes/pimples/whiteheads all over my forehead. Ive had little whiteheads on my forehead before, but this time it scares me. Like, I know my skin is the combination type and I get whiteheads once in a while, but this time its different. Sangat menakutkan. Masa tu dah rasa macam "omg will my skin be like this for the rest of my lyf3??" 😅😅😅 Let me show you this photo to make it clearer.

Before SomeByMi Miracle Toner - 11/5/2018, no foundation
SEE??? Can you see the biji biji on my forehead? Its even worse if you see it in person. Even my friends were shocked 😅 After a while, I decided to try and get a treatment from this one well-known medispa, but my skin condition gets worse. I have shared about this before in a post about Mario Badescu products (click here to read), and it was around the same time that I decided to try this Miracle Toner by SomeByMi. If you refer to the Mario Badescu post, I didnt include photos of my forehead because Im actually saving it for this very post that you're reading 😜

I was doing my research and read about the suitable skincare for my skin type when I found out about this SomeByMi 30 Days Miracle Toner, a Korean product. I googled and found a seller who's willing to deliver the product to me, and I bought it without a second thought. I started using it as soon as I opened the bottle (1st June 2018). I use it twice a day, one in the am and one in the pm. No products will work if youre not disciplined, so remember to apply this on a clean face in the morning and before you go to bed no matter how sleepy/tired you are.

I put it on a cotton pad first before applying it to my face
This toner is clear and has a minty scent. Throughout my consumption of this toner, I avoid wearing heavy make ups, specifically foundations and concealers. Up till today, I only put on heavy make up twice, and that was during raya. I do wear make ups on daily basis but that just some eye make ups, blusher, and lipstick. Saya faham, masa kulit tengah teruk lah kita rasa nak pakai make up tebal tebal kan sebab nak sorok cela tu, tapiii percayalah, make up tebal akan melambatkan lagi proses menyihatkan kulit tu. Remember, the goal is to have clear and healthy skin. Kalau kulit tak sihat, pakai make up pun masih tak membantu.

Kandungan penting dalam toner ni ialah AHA, BHA, PHA, dan Niacinamide. AHA, BHA, dan PHA ialah asid yang membantu untuk membersihkan wajah daripada kulit mati dan membantu untuk merawat whitehead dan blackhead. Niacinamide pula membantu untuk mengecilkan pori dan memberikan seri pada kulit. There's a lot more brands of products that contained these ingredients, and they come in various forms. But if youre a beginner, I suggest you try the toner type first. Sebab kalau terlebih pakai atau tak faham cara penggunaan asid yang betul, takut boleh menyebabkan kulit muka kita jadi overexfoliated.

10/6/2018 - 10 days after SomeByMi Miracle Toner, no make ups, except for some brows and lips
So after consuming this toner for about a month, I can already see that my skin is getting SOOO MUCH BETTER. It might be other things too, because I changed my cleanser and I apply some serums (to be shared in another post) at around the same time, but in my heart I strongly believe that this product did help A LOT. Ready to see some 'after' photos?

20 days after Miracle Toner, 21/6/2018 - with foundation (sebab keluar jalan jalan masa cuti raya), no concealers

35 days afer SomeByMi - 6/7/2018 - no foundation, no concealer,  no filter!

17/7/2018, around 45 days after SomeByMi Miracle Toner
Tadaaa! As you can see, I dont wear heavy make ups but my skin is better and may I say that I think its glowing?? It has the glow of a healthy skin, eventhough theres some naughty stress pimples here and there and a little whiteheads but thats just it, my skin is still satisfyingly healthy. MY FOREHEAD IS CLEARER FOR SURE.  Im so glad I found you, miracle toner! None if these photos are edited, but the lighting varies. Anyhow, you should try it to believe it!

Latest selfie, 6/8/2018, no foundation. Please ignore those two tiny stress pimples haha.
This post is not sponsored ok (though I wish they would actually sponsor me haha). Im already on my second bottle now and Im not planning on changing my skincare routine anytime soon. Eventhough my skin is better now, I still avoid wearing heavy make ups if its not necessary. And since Ive found the solution to my whitehead/small pimples problem, Im going to foucs on my acne and acne scars next. Will share with you soon!

Healthy skin is a need, but dont worry if you have pimples/scars once in a while; they dont define your beauty. Also, this product is not purely miracle, its basically science, so remember to get your beauty sleep, take care of your diet, and drink a lottt of water.

 Hope this post helps!

Thanks for reading
Salam sayang,

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  1. awak pakai toner saje ke? pencuci muka awak pakai someby mi juga ya?