The Day I Went Monkeying Around

by - July 31, 2018

Saya dah lama tahu tentang kewujudan tempat bernama Escape Park ni, tapi setelah sekian lama barulah saya sempat menjejakkan kaki ke sini. All thanks to my new best friend, Izzati Azmi (yes I have a lot of friends named Izzati and they're all cool people). She brought me here just to have some fun, and we did! I mean, at a place like this, who wouldnt? They even warned us that serious adults are now welcomed here, only fun adults allowed 😆

We decided to try only all the coolest stuffs since we only had about five hours to spend there. Escape ni terbahagi kepada dua, satu adventure park (dry activities) dan satu lagi water park. Unfortunately we didnt bring appropriate clothings for the water park, so we only get to enjoy the adventure park. But overall it was still fun!

Gecko Tower
I tried the Gecko Tower (wall climbing), Jungle Swinger, Kite Flyer (the best!!), Atan's Leap, and Tubby Racer. Yes thats all and I have to admit, it wasnt enough! But thats all the time we got and most of our time was spent queueing and waiting for our turn. Panas dan penat, but it was all worth it!

Jungle Swinger (masa ni dah nak turun dah, kena tangkap tali tu dan berpaut ke tepi)
The jungle swinger was so cool, I get to hang around on the rope feeling like Tarzan (tapi Tarzan tak pakai harness lah hahaha). See, I was totally enjoying my time hanging around like a monkey 😂 I was born on the year of the monkey anyway so... 🌚

Tubby Racer (sebenarnya maksimum boleh naik 4 orang je, ni kita orang pose je ni) :p
Kite Flyer paling seronok sebab rasa dia macam nak buaian yang tinggiiii dan lajuuu gila. Masa tengah tunggu giliran tu, ada orang yang main sebelum kita orang tu siap nyanyi lagi "buai laju laju, aku nak kahwin dengan anak raja" 😂😂😂 Semoga sis dapatlah kahwin dengan anak raja ye hahaha.

Kite Flyer (I accidentally deleted the photos on my phone so this is just a screenshot from the video taken) 😢
It was nice to escape to a place like this once in a while. I should have visited this place sooner. If youre planning to come here, dont forget to bring your sunnies and wear sunscreens (and put on extra deodorant) cause its going to be hot and sweaty. Also dont bother bringing your own water bottle because they wont let you take it into the park. Kalau nak bawa air untuk minum sebelum masuk tu boleh lah. Once youre in, kena beli air dalam tu je (guna kredit).

Just me drinking their overpriced mineral water 😂
Thanks to these kids, they made me feel young again! (theyre Zati's cousins)
Overall it was a super fun experience. Wish we had bring the proper swimming attire though. Rasa macam nak beli je passport tahunan Escape supaya dapat datang main kat sini selalu 🙈

Kalau anda nak dapatkan maklumat lanjut tentang Escape, boleh lawat laman mereka di Hope you'll have fun too!

Salam sayang,

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