Makan Secara Sihat di Epic Fit Meals

11 October

What do I love more than food? Healthy food! If you've been reading my blog or following me on Instagram, by now you'd know that I really enjoy eating (who doesnt??) but I also care for what goes into my body. Of course, people say life is short, eat while you still can, yada yada but theres no harm in caring for what you eat. So the key is to eat moderately and pay attention to what you're putting into your mouth. Sesiapa yang kata makanan sihat tu tak sedap, mesti anda belum pernah cuba makanan di Epic Fit Meals 😜

Saya dihubungi oleh team Epic Fit Meals  untuk datang mencuba makanan di kafe mereka. Mereka ada tiga cawangan di sekitar KL (Mont Kiara, Petaling Jaya, and Bandar Sunway), dan saya pilih cawangan di Bandar Sunway. Walaupun lokasinya agak jauh dari rumah saya, it was worth the Grab fare! Here are the reasons why:

1. The food are fresh

Makanan sihat bukan sekadar buah atau sayur je, tapi kesemua kandungan makanan tu. Di Epic Fit Meals, mereka buat sendiri semua bahan-bahan perisa termasuklah perisa untuk sambal/dipping sauce. Selalunya kalau di restoran lain terutamanya restoran makanan segera, mereka akan ambil sos/sambal secara pukal dari kilang, tapi di sini, chef mereka yang buat sendiri di dapur. Jadi, bukan sahaja makanan mereka sedap, tetapi juga segar. Sayuran yang mereka gunakan juga masih rangup dan hijau. The best part is, they dont use MSG!

2. The price is affordable

For a place claiming to sell healthy food, their price is surprisingly affordable. Selalunya kalau kita sebut tentang makanan sihat, mesti harganya agak tinggi kan. But here, you can get a complete meal set for only RM20 or less, depending on what you order. You may take a look at their menu here: - Click to enlarge -

3. Satu hidangan pun dah cukup mengenyangkan!

Set hidangan yang saya makan ni mungkin nampak sikit (satu set merangkumi sekotak ayam, semangkuk sayuran, dan satu jenis sambal), tapi untuk saiz perut macam saya ni memang dah cukup mengenyangkan. Lagipun kalau makan sayur, memang perut kita akan lebih cepat penuh. Makanan juga lebih mudah dicerna kalau kita lebihkan sayur dan buah dalam diet seharian. Honestly, I dont know how people who dont eat vegetables survives their daily toilet time 😆😂

4. Super clean and comfy environment

I can be quite picky when it comes to eating out because cleanliness is everything. I may not eat at a certain place if its dirty, no matter how good people claim their food is or how viral the place is. But here at Epic Fit Meals, no worries. Its so clean you'd want to sit there enjoying your healthy meal slowly... eating slowy is good for your digestion btw.

Who says burgers cant be healthy???
Overall, this is such a recommended place to go to and their food taste good, trust me. You will forget that you're even eating healthy food. My mum and brother really enjoyed the food; especially my mum haha. Mama kata "kalau Kak Long makan macam ni hari-hari, mama tak risau" haha. Well I really hope that they will open a branch in Penang soon, as I spend more time in Penang than KL now. I could use some options for my lunch meal besides the usual nasi kandar anyway 😜 For those in KL, youre very lucky bcs Epic Fit Meals will deliver the food right to you! Order now at 

P/s: Special thanks to Epic Fit Meals team for the invitation and for all the 'on-the-house' meals, including the additional ones. I really appreciate it. 

Salam sayang,

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