Skincare Review: Laboratoires Novexpert Flash Eclat

by - October 28, 2018

As promised in my previous posts, I will share about my current fav face wash, and tadaaa, here it is. In choosing skincare, you first need the know your skin type. My skin is the combination type, so the suitable face wash would be gel or foam. Ive tried gel cleanser before, and it works fine. No irritation, no dryness, no redness, but also no improvement on my skin. Lepas tu saya pun bertukar kepada pencuci muka yang berbuih (foam cleanser). Mula-mula saya cuba sebab sekadar nak mencuba je, tak mengharapkan kesan sangat pun. But to my surprise, this cleanser Ive been using is so good and I can actually see some improvements!

I got this Laboratoires Novexpert Flash Eclat Mousse Nettoyante  (pardon my French, seriously 👻) from Caring Pharmacy in Mid Valley. Tak pasti kat mana lagi ada jual, sebab saya dah cuba tanya di Caring Pharmacy di Queensbay Mall tapi mereka tak jual rangkaian produk jenama ni. Anyhow, this Flash Eclat cleanser works gooood on my skin. Pencuci ni jenis berbuih, dan kalau ikut pada arahan pada botolnya, pakai dalam 10-20 saat je dah cukup dah. Lepas cuci muka, kulit saya rasa selesa je. Tiada rasa tegang atau naik merah-merah macam sesetengah pencuci lain yang mungkin memang tak sesuai dengan saya.

According to their website, Novexpert Flash Eclat Mousse Nettoyant is a anti aging foam for all skin types. A vitamin-C packed airy light foam cleanser with papaya extract and polyhydroxy acid that gently yet effectively removes makeup and impurities, and exfoliates dead skin cells while respecting skin’s natural moisture barrier. With added zinc, the cleanser also helps to regulate sebum production, unclog and tighten pores

Antara perubahan yang saya perasan pada muka saya sejak pakai pencuci muka ni adalah kulit saya dah kurang naik jerawat. Jerawat besar selalu naik kat muka saya terutamanya di kawasan pipi dan hidung, tapi yang saya perasan, setiap kali jerawat mula nak naik, ia akan kecut lebih cepat lepas saya cuci muka. By the way, I use along a silicon brush while washing, especially during my PM routine to ensure that all dirt and make up excess are removed. Berus silikon tu anda boleh beli kat Daiso je.

My skin (no foundation/concealers) after using Flash Eclat for about 3 months
Im satisfied with this cleanser for now and Im not planning on changing my cleanser anytime soon! Although the price is a bit high compared to most drugstore products, its fair because one bottle could last 3-4 months. This is already my second bottle, but just because the first bottle was accidentally spilled in my luggage while traveling 😅So remember to pack your items securely okay especially those liquid ones  ðŸ’

I think Novexpert is a trusted brand since their team consists of doctors and skin experts, plus they spent plenty of time researching and creating formulas (obviously). Kalau anda nak tahu lebih lanjut tentang produk Novexpert, bolehlah lawati laman mereka di

Although the journey to a flawless skin might be a long one, dont worry. Scars/pimples dont define your beauty; what you do and how you treat people will. Keep living and enjoy life!

Well thats all Ive got to share for now, see you in my next post!

Salam sayang,

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