BookXcess di Gurney Paragon, Penang: Syurga Pencinta Buku!

by - February 15, 2019

Guys, BookXcess is now in Penang! 🤩 This hugeee bookstore is heaven for book lovers. 💕  I first discovered this book store when I visited Gurney Paragon about a month ago. Masa mula-mula nampak kedai buku ni dari tingkat bawah, terus rasa teruja nak masuk. Love at first sight, they say! Haha.

Kat sini, mereka ada semuanya. Daripada buku kanak-kanak sampai buku dewasa, daripada buku fiksyen sampai buku motivasi, daripada buku masakan sampai buku tentang kereta, semualah. My favourite kind of books are usually about languages, self improvements, motivations, general knowledge, and quiz/activity books; and I can find all of them here at super low prices!

Buku-buku di sini memang murah sebab mereka ambil stok yang tak habis dijual secara terus daripada penerbit. The discounts are up to 80%, all year long! 

The best part is, this bookstore is hugeee. I can literally sleep here 😆. Okay, I'll let these photos do the talking:

Selain buku, kat sini juga ada Cafe Wolf, iaitu kafe kecil yang menjual minuman seperti kopi dan juga kek. Lepas dah beli buku tu bolehlah chill chill kat sini, minum kopi sambil membaca 💖 

My steal from my first visit to this book store were these game cards! 🤩 If you've been following my Instastories, perhaps you would notice that I loveee playing this kind of game cards. Pi lepak Starbucks dengan kawan-kawan pun duk main benda ni je haha. Its really fun, especially when you have friends who are as eager and as excited as you are hehehe. I have a few other series of trivia/general knowledge game cards, cant wait to share about them in my next post.

Gurl gang. We played some awesome cards that day

Huarghhh,  I love this place so much. The smell of books are just 💯💯💯. Honestly, I think Malaysia needs more places like this, to encourage our people to read more and to expose our children to reading culture. We also need more museums or other interactive hangout place where people can chill as well as learn something. Even a board game cafe would be nice, I think? 

Look at those Enid Blyton books! Menggamit kenangan zaman kanak-kanak sungguh 😍. Honestly I cant wait to have my own kids just so I can bring them to this cool book store where mummy used to spends hours (and ringgits) at 😝. From now on, this is definitely my favourite weekend lepak place. Disebabkan buku-buku kat sini murah, nak beli banyak pun takdelah rasa bersalah sangat kan hehee *kaching*. Okay guys, thats all I have to share for today. Brb, I have some newly bought books to read now 🤓

Salam sayang, 

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  1. I can see someone there.. haha.. nice write up.. n its going to be ny fav. place after this..