Memes: A Love Story

by - June 25, 2019

Hello Penangite, what are you doing this weekend? Well, if you dont have anything planned out yet, why not come and watch a love story 💕

"Penang Players Music and Drama Society presents ‘Memes: A Love Story.’ The name of the production is a play on words created by the talented group that make up Penang Players,  along with music and songs performed by the Penang Jazz Society, and dance choreography by Studio Pentas. The play is an entertaining take on the emergence of love between an unlikely couple, Adam and Eve, performed by Ivan Gabriel and Ida Suhaini. Showcasing the prodigious talents of more than 50 individuals, the performers will be weaving their magic on stage for 3 days from 28 – 30 June 2019" -

Play on words? That sounds so interesting for a language nerd like me 👻 Well, I first saw this poster on a USM related Facebook page because the play will be held in Dewan Budaya USM. Only then I found out that my friend is in the play, and she's playing Eve! Its been a while since I last watched a show like this, and I really hope I will get the chance to watch it 💖 I actually had something else planned, but their last show is on Sunday night. Hopefully I can catch it! 

If youre already looking forward to the show, the tickets cost RM 50 and you can purchase them here:
More details on Penang Players Facebook page or at Have a good weekend! 

Salam sayang,

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